Age: 22
Height: 155
City: Melbourne
Wow! This set is the most fun one I have seen anywhere! What a display of color, texture, pattern and ATTITUDE! Huge kudos to director, photographer and model. I can’t wait for the video, though I doubt it will top the stills.



We like shooting girls in their natural habitat especially when they’re as unspoilt as delicious Leigh here, and not just on the outside. Leigh is as warm and sweet as her delicate little smile suggests, and quite shy. Smart, too, but unassuming. This was one of those shoots where we walked out saying ‘Aw, wasn’t SHE nice?!’ This is her bedroom, this is her bed, this is her dresser but best of all, this is her pearlescent perfection draped all over.


Pert Dark Nipples

Unbuttoning her short jeans, Diah smiles as she exposes her lace, girly panties. As she slowly undresses, she spreads her legs apart, revealing her magnificent full bush that leaks out from inside her underwear.
Taking off her top, Diah’s round, pert breasts and dark nipples become visible from beneath her bra. Laying completely naked in the couch, Diah smiles as she moves her firm, exotic body up, lifting her hips in the air before turning around and laying on all fours down on the floor.


Dildo Play

Maia gently pulls her shaved pink labia apart, revealing her most intimate parts, and she slowly pushes her long, red toy inside.
Maia plays with the skirt of her short dress, exposing her round bum in underwear. Her panties squeeze in between her pale bum cheeks, emphasizing the beauty of her bottom. She looks at you with her seductive eyes from behind her nerdy glasses while she playfully pulls the top of her dress to reveal her cleavage. Her hands move to undo her bra and squeeze her large breasts. Completely naked, she bends over and exposes her likable anus.